June 19, 2017 (week 88)


This week was good! Although I dont think I really have a ton to say.

Josivane was baptized!! Its been super fun to see her progressing over these few weeks. She was super excited but definitely nervous for her baptism, as you can probably tell in the picture.

So this week was transfers and Im staying in my area with my companion! 6th transfer in the area and 4th with my companion haha só vai.

Im doing well. We’re excited and definitely busy. This will be the last full week of President Bonini, then the week after will be a zone conference and then President Chamberlain gets here!

Well honestly I dont think I have anything else to say this week…

Hope all is well at home!

Elder Lawrence


June 12, 2017 (week 87)


This week was great! Although once again I dont have a ton to write.

The bad news is that Alex pretty much fell off the map. We werent able to find him at home any day this week… We called his friend various times to see what was happening with him, but he didnt know very well. Although this friend got a hold of him and we are hoping to be able to teach him later today.

Other than this problem the semana was really good. Josivane is progressing supper well!! She is super excited for her baptism this week.

This is the last week of the transfer, although Im pretty sure Ill be staying here in the area. It would be my sixth transfer in the area and my fourth with my current companion haha. Its crazy to me the President Bonini is finishing his mission. He only has a few weeks left. Every is anxious for the coming of President Chamberlain,but President Bonini sure will be missed.

Hope all is well at home! Oh also I found mac and cheese here the other day!!!!! I dont even like mac and cheese, but Its been over a year and a half since ive had it so I logically had to buy some haha. Also I made doughnuts for the Elders that are in the same ward as us because they helped us move apartments (I dont remember if i said that we moved or not) Ill attach a picture of the doughnuts!

Elder Lawrence

June 5, 2017 (week 86)

Crazy that it´s already June!! I dont think i really have much to write this week, although its a shame because this keyboard im using is great haha.

So our investigator who is progressing the most is Alex… I dont know what Ive said about him already, but he is great. He was super excited for his baptism on the 11th. He is going to college thats close to here and so hes living far from his family. Hes accepted the gospel so well and knows the church is true. However, on Sunday he told his mom he was going to get baptized and she did not like the idea. Not even a bit. Skipping over the details, Alex knows he should be baptized but said he wont go against his parents. We are going to try to strengthen his testemony this week so that he can have the faith to do what he knows is right. We’re going to bring Wendel to his house as well who had a similar problem which I think should help.

Well I dont really have much else to say.. im doing great here and hope all is going well at home. Its good to be a missionary!

Elder Lawrence

May 29, 2017 (week 85)


This week was good. Although I dont think i have a ton to say.

The highlight of the week was that Jefferson(bruno´s brother) was baptized! And it was Bruno who baptized him! He received the preisthood during the week so he was able to.Also his family came! We have already tried to teach them a few times but it never really worked out. They liked church so we’re going to try to teach them again. Hopefully this time it goes better! It would be great to see them all at church together.

In other news a drunk man followed us and we ended up pretty much running from him haha. I dont knowwhy but drunk people LOVE missionaries. I cant explain why or how but its pretty much impossible to pass by someone drunk without something happening. But this time was a little different. We were knocking doors and someone touched me from behind and when i turned around i was given a flower from the drunk man haha. He tried to give one to my companion too but we just started to leave when we couldnt get him to stop touching us and what not. But then he started to follow us. We thought he would give up quick but he was pretty persistent. We started to walk fast and, as ive been in the area for more than 6 months and know it really well, we started entering in the alleys until we lost him haha. I dont think Ill ever really understand why drunk people love us so much…Although its something I wont miss after the mission haha.

Well I dont really have much else… Oh! This week we went to Wendels house to do a few visits with him and when we got there he was teaching two of his friends about the restauration!! He was actually giving them the pamphlet as they were leaving but he had taught them before. I think I felt the same pride that parents feel when their kids do some accomplishment haha hes been progressing suuuuuper well after his baptism!

Well I think thats all. I hope all is well at home!although from what people say here about Trump im not sure ill be able to enter back in the states after my mission hahah. Im doing well here! Til next week! Ill attatch pictures of Jeffersons baptisms! Someone from the ward made cake,but i wasnt ableto take a picture

Elder Lawrence

May 22, 2017 (week 84)

This week was super good! Although Im not sure I have a ton to say.

So this week we had a mission conference with president Grahl, who is the MTC president in São Paulo which was great!

The highlight of this week was that I saw Francileno e Josiane e Enzo!!! (A family that was baptized when I was in my first area, Beira-mar) They came to our stake conference to surprise me, they asked to elders in their ward where I was serving. They are doing super well! Francileno has read the Book of Mormon 5 times!!! 5 times!!! They both have callings in the church and are really strong! They are going to the temple to be sealed in July!! Its hard to describe the happiness I felt seeing them doing so well and especially that they are going to be going to the temple to be sealed so soon.

Jefferson, Bruno’s brother, is going to be baptized this week! And we have a few other investigators that are doing well and hopefully will be baptized next week.

Well I think thats pretty much it, but Im doing well and I hope you guys are too! It’s great to be a missionary!

Elder Lawrence

May 15, 2017 (week 83)


This week was super good!

On Mother’s day I got to skype my family which was awesome. Although I didnt really have a ton to say. But it was still really nice to see everyone.

This week Osias was baptized!! I think Ive talked about him already.. he is absolutely incredible. He surprises me almost daily with his interest, testemony and how much he has learned. I dont remember what Ive already said about him but Im not sure ive ever taught someone quite like him. He quit smoking without us even inviting him!! After the first visit he quit. We didnt even know he smoked yet! Hes changed durastically in these two weeks, too bad I dont have a picture of him with his big beard haha. Who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks!?

So this week I discovered ive been eating liver haha its called figado here. I just thought it was a type of meat or something but I asked my comp what exactly is figado and learned that its liver. Although its not very tasty.

hope everyone is well at home!

Elder Lawrence

May 8, 2017 (week 82)


This week was great! Today is transfers, but Ill be staying here with Elder Vitor Luis.

Bruno was baptized this week! And it was Wendel (who was baptized a few weeks ago) who baptized him! Ill attatch pictures. In the one picture Maria Clara is the girl on the far right whos been helping us a ton with Bruno and Wendel, as she is their friend. It was awesome to see Bruno after his baptism, he was happy beyound beleif. He already has a strong testemony.

Wendel bore his testemony in church yesterday!! In his testemony he talked about missionary work and how it has changed his life forever. He said a few weeks ago he didnt understand why people felt the need to go in front and tell everyone that they knew the church was true but that he felt that need before giving his testemony. He and Bruno will make great missionaries!

So I wanted to tell you guys about Osias! He is the man. He is 62 and looks like a Rabbi haha. When we talked to him on the street I didnt think that he was that interested, but Elder Vitor Luis thought we should teach him, so we did. And Ever since the first lesson he has been surprising me! He accepted everything, prayed and received an answer! At church I literally saw his eyes being opened as we sung the first hymn. It was incredible. Not wanting to lose the chance I asked him imediately after the hymn but before the prayer how he felt. He said it was emotional. After the first hymn every time it got to a part in the meeting where we would sing he would quickly grab the hymnbook and give it to me to find the hymn for him. He is a simple man but wow is he special. After church he shaved his beard! He said that he didnt see anyone at church with a beard so he decided to shave his! Also after our first lesson with him he quitted smoking. And he had been smoking since he was 12!! We didnt even talk about it, he just quit!! Im not sure Ive ever taught someone quite like Osias!

Well I think thats all. Ill attatch a picture of a banana that I found well I dont know if it would be more correct to say of the bananas that I found hahah

Elder Lawrence