June 5, 2017 (week 86)

Crazy that it´s already June!! I dont think i really have much to write this week, although its a shame because this keyboard im using is great haha.

So our investigator who is progressing the most is Alex… I dont know what Ive said about him already, but he is great. He was super excited for his baptism on the 11th. He is going to college thats close to here and so hes living far from his family. Hes accepted the gospel so well and knows the church is true. However, on Sunday he told his mom he was going to get baptized and she did not like the idea. Not even a bit. Skipping over the details, Alex knows he should be baptized but said he wont go against his parents. We are going to try to strengthen his testemony this week so that he can have the faith to do what he knows is right. We’re going to bring Wendel to his house as well who had a similar problem which I think should help.

Well I dont really have much else to say.. im doing great here and hope all is going well at home. Its good to be a missionary!

Elder Lawrence


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