May 15, 2017 (week 83)


This week was super good!

On Mother’s day I got to skype my family which was awesome. Although I didnt really have a ton to say. But it was still really nice to see everyone.

This week Osias was baptized!! I think Ive talked about him already.. he is absolutely incredible. He surprises me almost daily with his interest, testemony and how much he has learned. I dont remember what Ive already said about him but Im not sure ive ever taught someone quite like him. He quit smoking without us even inviting him!! After the first visit he quit. We didnt even know he smoked yet! Hes changed durastically in these two weeks, too bad I dont have a picture of him with his big beard haha. Who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks!?

So this week I discovered ive been eating liver haha its called figado here. I just thought it was a type of meat or something but I asked my comp what exactly is figado and learned that its liver. Although its not very tasty.

hope everyone is well at home!

Elder Lawrence


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