January 23, 2017 (week 67)

Lucas's baptism

Lucas’s baptism


This week was good!! But I have literally no time today.

Lucas was baptized!!!!!!!

im happy as can be and Ill write more next week!

Elder Lawence


January 16, 2017 (week 66)

This week was good!

So we found out that our new mission President will be President Chamberlain, although I dont know anything else about him now, other than that hes american and theyll get here June 29.

So unfortunately we had to stop teaching Fransisca. Shes reading the Book of Mormon every day but she hasnt been able to quit smoking, despite everything we’ve tried. I really hope she will be able to quit in the future so she can get baptized.

But our other investigators are going good! Ana and Germene came to church and Ana (whos 85, ive already talked about her a few times) is super excited about her baptism this week! Shes chewed tabacco ever since she was 12, but she quit!! and its been 4 or 5 days already without it!

Lucas also came to church and is super excited for his baptism!! Hes 18 and actually was taught by the missionaries a long time ago. He was atheist, but has come to know the God lives, and loves him! He is full of questions and honestly seeks to find answers. It was incredible to see his soul rejoice as he learned about the plan of salvation, and his divine potential! Where he came from, why hes here, and where hes going. He said that his dad is convinced that theres something in the church (as in something that is done to us) that makes everyone such good people, always smiling and always happy. hahaha well maybe his vision is skewed, it shows how important a good example can be, and how much the gospel changes who you are! Although he doesnt want to come to church, which doesnt make sense.

Hope all is good at home!!

oh also we find out the my companion will probably be transferred next transfer, so i only have 5 more weeks with him, although nothing is ever sure haha

oh and on the 25th, their will be a worldwide missionary conference that will change some of the hours and stuff, honestly i have no idea what will happen, im hoping president will let us know tomorrow because he left us dying of curiosity haha

Elder Lawrence

January 9, 2016 (week 65)


This week was good! Although Im not sure I have much to say.

Yesterday it rained a ton in the morning, which is great because theres a huge drought here, but after we got to church the church almost flooded! Water filled the parking lot and the street basically became a river! Ill attatch a few pictures. I literally dont know how, but after church ended we went to see how much water there was and it was all gone!! So im not really too sure where the water went, but definitely a miracle.

So our investigators who are progressing the most are Ana, Germene, and Geice. So Ana is 85, and Germene is her daughter (they live together) im pretty sure Ive talked about them at least once so Ill just write about this week. Ana has a problem with chewing tobacco and has ever since she was 12! And so quitting is super hard for her. BUT she has a ton of faith and she knows she has to quit to obey God´s commandments and one day be saved. This week she had the faith to give us her tabacco (to throw away)! She said “I dont know how im going to get up tomorrow without it” but she was able to!! She stayed 3 days without it but unfortuantely fell and started again.. but we have faith she will be able to!

So Geice is 16 and its incredible how prepared she is! She is able to understand everything we teach so well, it just all makes sense to her. Unfortuantely no one came to church because of the rain.. but were excited for this week!

So this week we went to Crateús, which is a city that the church got there only 3 months ago, so its a place that missionaries have never been, well until 3 months ago. So we went there to do some baptizmal interviews because theres no one there to do them. But since its 6 hours to get there we went early in the morning and worked with the missionaries there for a day, which was a great experience, but this email is getting long so i wont go into detail. Although we took the bus to get home which left at 1030 so it ended up being a night pretty much without sleep since we get up at 630, but we battled.

Hope all is well at home!
Elder Lawrence

January 2, 2017 (week 64)

This week was good. Although i dont have much to say.

As much as I love the winter holidays its nice that theyre over because it complicates things quite a bit for missionaries, so its good to be back to normal!

Fransisca came to church this week! Its the second time shes been. She wants to get baptized but is having problems quitting smoking. shes 72 and well actually I think ive already talked about her before. Shes reading the book of mormon every day and is growing a lot spiritually. Her grandchildren (who she raised) are all members of the church and are trying everything to help her. They have a testemony of the plan of salvation and want to live with the grandma/mom for ever!

I dont really have much to add.. Next week is transfers so it should be pretty crazy, Elder Lima thinks he might be transferred, but I think he’ll stay at least one more here, if not more.

Hope all is well at home!
Elder Lawrence

December 26, 2016 (week 63)


So this week I actually have quite a bit to write about and a lot of pictures too! Ill try to send all the pictures but I dont know if it will work or not.

So we hard our missionary Christmas conference this week (which is why I have pictures) and so we spent the week preparing for that. It went super good and I think most of the missionaries liked it a lot!

We also had our Christmas Eve dinner which Elder Lima and I have been planning for a while haha I made salmon and he made risotto and I also made brownies and on top of that we were given 2 panetonnes! So our fridge is pretty stocked stil haha

I was also able to talk to my family this week on Christmas Day by way of skype!! Which was definitely a highlight.

The Lord helped us so much this week it’s incredible. We spent the whole week preparing and presenting the Christmas conference and we didnt get back to our area until friday. But the Lord watched over and protected our investigators! It was a miracle that 4 of them came to church with us, each one of them really searching to find an answer if the church is true or not. I love my Saviour and am forever grateful for his necesarry help in doing His work!

I think maybe the thing Ive learned most on my mission until now is the worth of souls. It is incredible as im coming to understand how much each soul is worth it brings so much joy when I can watch, and help, someone aproximate more to Christ. I think this is why missionaries are always so happy! Even though its not the easiest thing in the world.

I hope you guys all had great Christmas’s and were able to think about the real purpose behind the holiday that we all love.

Til next week!
Elder Lawrence

December 19, 2016 (week 62)


This week was good! But definitely a hard one.

Marcelo was baptized!!!! He is literally the man. I think I talked about him last week already. But he has been able to gain a testimony so fast. Literally the day we taught the word of wisdom he quit smoking and drinking coffee. Its been crazy to see how dedicated he is. Definitely someone who was looking for the truth and knew not where to find it. We’re extremely grateful that the Lord put him in our way.

In one of the divisions we did I was able to stay with Elder Pimentel, my old companion and grandpa on the mission! He was a huge help in the area and it was great to spend another day with him, reminiscing a little haha. Ill attatch a foto.

Also for the mission Christmas conference our presentation is going to be awesome! Its about the real idea of Christmas, So sumarized, we’ll act out a scene where were buying gifts and then there will be a fight in the middle and after everyone will leave the stage. We will then come back onto the stage, one by one, stating something we’ll do this christmas season, for example “this Christmas I will invite more people to come unto Christ” as we do this we will place a gift on the table. After everyone is done we will turn off the lights and light up the gifts with a flashlight and the shadow will be the nativity scene! I dont know if i explained it well, but ill attatch a picture of our practice.

Hope you guys are all enjoying the Christmas season!

Elder Lawrence

December 12, 2016 (week 61)

Hey everyone!

This week was good, although I dont really have much to update you guys on. Its been super busy. Marcelo has been progressing a lot and we’re hoping he will be able to be baptized this week! Ever since we taught him the word of wisdom he quit smoking and drinking coffee! His desire is absolutely incredable, hes only worried that he wont be prepared, he just doesnt know that he already is! Fransisca (whos 72!!) is also progressing a ton! Shes literally a crazy grandma, definitely one of a kind, and its impossible not to love her! I dont think ive ever seen an old lady as funny as her haha.

Hope all is good at home!

Elder Lawrence