May 8, 2017 (week 82)


This week was great! Today is transfers, but Ill be staying here with Elder Vitor Luis.

Bruno was baptized this week! And it was Wendel (who was baptized a few weeks ago) who baptized him! Ill attatch pictures. In the one picture Maria Clara is the girl on the far right whos been helping us a ton with Bruno and Wendel, as she is their friend. It was awesome to see Bruno after his baptism, he was happy beyound beleif. He already has a strong testemony.

Wendel bore his testemony in church yesterday!! In his testemony he talked about missionary work and how it has changed his life forever. He said a few weeks ago he didnt understand why people felt the need to go in front and tell everyone that they knew the church was true but that he felt that need before giving his testemony. He and Bruno will make great missionaries!

So I wanted to tell you guys about Osias! He is the man. He is 62 and looks like a Rabbi haha. When we talked to him on the street I didnt think that he was that interested, but Elder Vitor Luis thought we should teach him, so we did. And Ever since the first lesson he has been surprising me! He accepted everything, prayed and received an answer! At church I literally saw his eyes being opened as we sung the first hymn. It was incredible. Not wanting to lose the chance I asked him imediately after the hymn but before the prayer how he felt. He said it was emotional. After the first hymn every time it got to a part in the meeting where we would sing he would quickly grab the hymnbook and give it to me to find the hymn for him. He is a simple man but wow is he special. After church he shaved his beard! He said that he didnt see anyone at church with a beard so he decided to shave his! Also after our first lesson with him he quitted smoking. And he had been smoking since he was 12!! We didnt even talk about it, he just quit!! Im not sure Ive ever taught someone quite like Osias!

Well I think thats all. Ill attatch a picture of a banana that I found well I dont know if it would be more correct to say of the bananas that I found hahah

Elder Lawrence


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