April 17, 2017 (week 79)


This week was good! Although I pretty sure it was the least Ive done proselyting in one week. We had Monday night, saturday night, and Sunday. On saturday we got to watch a musical (well kind of a musical) thats called “Jesus, O Cristo” which was incredible. Its a play that the church does every year here thats kind of famous. and like the title suggest its al about Christ and His life!

We also had a zone conference on friday which was good.

Wendell is progressing really well! He is super excited and if everything goes well he will be baptized this Sunday!

So I was able to get an adapter this week so ill be able to send a few pictures. One is of a feijoada I made, which is a really common dish here, it actually turned out pretty good! Another is of a division we did where I stayed with Elder Moreno for a dya (dont worry ive cut my hair since that day haha), I put two pictures of two streets in our area, a banana bread I made and one of a grafetti that someone made ahhahh hopefully they all get sent.

I hope everything is well with you guys! Its all going well here and im excited for this week!

Elder Lawrence


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