May 29, 2017 (week 85)


This week was good. Although I dont think i have a ton to say.

The highlight of the week was that Jefferson(bruno´s brother) was baptized! And it was Bruno who baptized him! He received the preisthood during the week so he was able to.Also his family came! We have already tried to teach them a few times but it never really worked out. They liked church so we’re going to try to teach them again. Hopefully this time it goes better! It would be great to see them all at church together.

In other news a drunk man followed us and we ended up pretty much running from him haha. I dont knowwhy but drunk people LOVE missionaries. I cant explain why or how but its pretty much impossible to pass by someone drunk without something happening. But this time was a little different. We were knocking doors and someone touched me from behind and when i turned around i was given a flower from the drunk man haha. He tried to give one to my companion too but we just started to leave when we couldnt get him to stop touching us and what not. But then he started to follow us. We thought he would give up quick but he was pretty persistent. We started to walk fast and, as ive been in the area for more than 6 months and know it really well, we started entering in the alleys until we lost him haha. I dont think Ill ever really understand why drunk people love us so much…Although its something I wont miss after the mission haha.

Well I dont really have much else… Oh! This week we went to Wendels house to do a few visits with him and when we got there he was teaching two of his friends about the restauration!! He was actually giving them the pamphlet as they were leaving but he had taught them before. I think I felt the same pride that parents feel when their kids do some accomplishment haha hes been progressing suuuuuper well after his baptism!

Well I think thats all. I hope all is well at home!although from what people say here about Trump im not sure ill be able to enter back in the states after my mission hahah. Im doing well here! Til next week! Ill attatch pictures of Jeffersons baptisms! Someone from the ward made cake,but i wasnt ableto take a picture

Elder Lawrence


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