June 12, 2017 (week 87)


This week was great! Although once again I dont have a ton to write.

The bad news is that Alex pretty much fell off the map. We werent able to find him at home any day this week… We called his friend various times to see what was happening with him, but he didnt know very well. Although this friend got a hold of him and we are hoping to be able to teach him later today.

Other than this problem the semana was really good. Josivane is progressing supper well!! She is super excited for her baptism this week.

This is the last week of the transfer, although Im pretty sure Ill be staying here in the area. It would be my sixth transfer in the area and my fourth with my current companion haha. Its crazy to me the President Bonini is finishing his mission. He only has a few weeks left. Every is anxious for the coming of President Chamberlain,but President Bonini sure will be missed.

Hope all is well at home! Oh also I found mac and cheese here the other day!!!!! I dont even like mac and cheese, but Its been over a year and a half since ive had it so I logically had to buy some haha. Also I made doughnuts for the Elders that are in the same ward as us because they helped us move apartments (I dont remember if i said that we moved or not) Ill attach a picture of the doughnuts!

Elder Lawrence


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