April 11, 2016 (week 26)

Well this week, I’m pretty sure he was drunk but I’m not certain.  We were talking with this guy in the street and he said I look like David Beckham and talk like Neymar hahahhah I couldn’t stop laughing. I guess I’m white so that means I look like David Beckham.

So there was supposed to be a temple built here but because of political stuff it’s taken forever to get permission and stuff but they are going to start building next month!!! (I think 5 years after it was announced) The sad thing is it won’t be done until about 5 months after my mission so I won’t be able to see it.

If you use a watch here EVERYONE will ask you what time it is. Recently I’ve just put mine in my pocket but my companion uses one normally and he always complains about how people ask him what time it is. Well this week someone yelled out a second floor window as we were walking in the street to ask what time it is. We turned back and all we could see was the face of this women sticking out of this tiny window. He said “I literally cant believe this” I don’t know if this is one of those things were you had to be there but I’m literally laughing about it right now hahah.

Well this week I want to tell you guys about César, I think I may have already told you guys about him before. But he prayed about what we’re teaching, he knows its true, but he still wont follow his answer. Sometimes this is frusterating. One of Gods greatest gifts for us is our agency, but its super frusterating to see people use this agency in a way that won’t bring them happiness. But at the end of the day we can’t force anyone to do anything (although sometimes I want to) and everyone has to choose for themselves what they want in this life, and the next.

Hope you guys are all well!

Elder Lawrence


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