April 18, 2016 (week 27)


This week was awesome! I really feel like the work is starting to progress here and we’re starting to find a lot of people who are ready to hear the gospel!

So my companion is trying to learn english and, I dont know why, but he loves to say “this is terrible” and when he says it, it sounds almost like charles barkley because of his accent hahah I love it.

So Francilino and Josinanni are progressing a ton! Francilino finished the Book of Mormon already, and Josianni is bringing Principles of the Gospel to work every day to read during lunch!! (a book that teaches basic beliefs that we have) I feel a little bad, because the family of Fancilino is calling him crazy and they are super against him getting baptized, but he knows its true, and hes following the answer that he received! Its amazing to see how much a simple prayer and a simple question can change your life. They are an inspiration to me!

Ill attatch a picture of my zone.

Till next week!! I wish you guys the best!
Elder Lawrence 🙂


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