March 27, 2017 (week 76)

This week was good. We had a zone conference which basically took up our whole week, until friday. But it was super good. Honestly I dont have a ton to say. I feel like im running out of things to write about on the mission haha.

So we spend a lot of our time talking to people on the street and inviting them to church and this week one person we invited said they were catholic, which is pretty normal. We asked them if they go o church a lot and he responded “We always go, sometimes, not always” ahahhahaha after we left I spent about five solid minutes laughing. Maybe its not that funny, but things have a way of becoming funny here haha.

well thats about all for this week.

Im super excited for general conference this week! For those of you who dont know we believe in a living prophet and 12 apostles, just like there was in the bible, and this week they are going to speak to everyone! Its an amazing opportunity to learn. Its on saturday and sunday and you can watch it on this site

I hope everyone has a good week!

Oh also today im going to try to make feijoada, which is a pretty commun brazillian dish, so we’ll see how that goes

Elder Lawrence


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