April 10, 2017 (week 78)

This week was great! I actually have a lot to write about. I even have pictures, but i dont have an adapter right now, so hopefully next week ill have one!

So where to start! So theres a recent convert that is called Eloy, and hes 20 and has A LOT of opposition from his dad. Reguarly his dad yells at him and tells him to take this curse out of his house (the Book of Mormon) and this week his dad told him to leave. So now hes trying to find somewhere to live.. His faith is incredible. He doesnt argue with his dad or disrespect him, but he knows the church is true and wont deny it for anything!

So honestly this past few weeks have been hard for us here. We havent been getting along super great and the work has been dificult. But we sat down and talked yesterday and worked things out. We have a lot more unity now and we are suuupppper excited for this transfer! We made a lot of goals and things that I, and he, and us together, can do that will help us to work better and to have a better relationship. Its almost like we’re mature adults hahaha

This week we fasted to be able to find new people to teach and imediately God answered our prayers and our fast! So we started teaching an english class here with the hope to find new people. But the first week no one came.. not even a member, the second week the same thing happened. We were going to quit because it wasnt working but irmão Pedro insisted that we tried one more week. So we did. And it worked!! 4 non members came and 3 of them came to church on Sunday!! We’ve literally been inviting every member to participate in the missionary work here in the ward and we explained how this english class is a great oppotunity.

Maria Clara, invited Bruno, whos 18. Talking to Bruno after he said that he was having a lot of doubts about religion and wanted answers. He said that it cant be a conincidence that Maria Clara invited him and we were able to teach him about the restauration after the english class. He accepted a baptismal date for 4/23! When we went to teach him another day, we asked him if he prayed and asked God if what we taught was true. He had, and that night was responded with a dream!! Maria Clara bour a strong testemony in the lesson and is helping him the learn more about our Savior and prepare for baptism!

Wendel, who is also a friend of the Maria Clara also has progressed a ton! One day we stopped by Maria Clara’s house to ask for a cup of water (its hot here haha) and Wendel was there. We started talking to him and ending up teaching a him the restauration as well! Maria Clara, once again gave a powerful testemony about how she knows the church is true. So im almost out of time so ill have to summarize. But after a week (he went to general conference and aboslutely adored it) he told us that he still isnt 100% sure that the church is true. But that his eyes are being opened! He said at the begining he didnt want to believe it but hes slowly realizing its true. He didnt believe in the pre existence but one day Maria Clara sent him a story (i would relate the story if I had time) and he cried reading it and now knows that the pre existence is real! I wish I could write more but Im really out of time.

Fasting is powerful! I know that God is helping us to do His work in this area of His vineyard!

oh and I forgot about Paulo!! he was an ex investigator who, literally out of no where, appeared at church on saturday saying that he was going to come to church the next day with his girlfriend from another ward!

I love being a missionary!

p.s. hopefully next week ill have an adapter to be able to send fotos

Elder Lawrence


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