March 6, 2017 (week 73)

IMG_8212[1]im attatching a foto of a division we did when i stayed with Elder Pimentel, my old companion. Also I know I need a haircut haha Im going to get it cut right after I finish emailing. Its been two weeks that I havent been able to here because of transfers and then a holiday here called carnaval that closed everything

So this week was hard, but good.

So we had our leadership counsel this week and so we stayed in the mission office until thursday preparing and then giving the counsel. Before we got there, on tuesday, President asked us to ponder about what we think it should be about. We thought and, long story short, we thought how to be a leader based on D&C 121 34-46 would be a great idea. So when we got there President asked what we thought and I told him our idea and he said “Thats exactly what I was thinking” What a great testemony for me of the Spirit. Looking back I think President must have already decided the topic before asking us to ponder, but he let us ponder and be guided by the Spirit to the same topic! Its hard to describe how happy I was to feel a confirmation of the Spirit in that way.

So when we got back to the area we saw little sucess, but I know God is happy with our efforts. However the week ended on a great note. When taught the family of José Carlos and Adriele, who where oldinvestigators of elder Lime and me. The lesson was super spirtual and they both committed to come to church. They didnt come to church in the past because of the work of José Carlos and Adriele is happy in her church and said she wasnt interested.Well José Carlos promised that today he is going to talk to his boss and getting sunday off so he can come to church and Adriele said that she wants to come!! They said they feel so good when we’re thereand the know its not us, but the Spirit.

So Elder Vitor Luis, after our weekly planning on Sunday, said that this week his comitted to give his blood this coming week. I said me too. We were able to think of quite of few new ideas to try and we’re excited to give it our all and see what works. I said we should think of a phrase to say when we’re discouraged and ended up coming up with “Ele deu seu sangue por nós, daremos o mesmo por Ele” We’re excited and know that this week will be better!

hope all is well at home!

Elder Lawrence



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