March 13, 2017 (week 74)

This week was good! I actually have a decent amount to write about.

So there was some great highlights, one of them being that I asked the missionaries that are now serving in my first area how Francileno and Josiane are doing and they said that Francileno has read the Book of Mormon 5 times!!!!! And they are planning to go to the temple soon!! I cant help but smile as I write this 🙂

Also we had a great experience doing a few visits with Lucas, who was baptized a month ago. He has a great testemony. When we were teaching Marcelo, with Lucas, I asked Lucas why he goes to church, well actually I have to back up a little bit. When we got to Marcelos house I asked him how his reading is going in the Book of Mormon and he said he just is in Alma 32. So going back to the story when I asked Lucas he beared an awesome testemony and he started to talk about how the gospel grows in you. That it starts out small, but as you nourish your testemony it grows and grows. I was astonished how the Spirit worked through Lucas because he said almost exactly what is written in Alma 32 without the slightest idea of what is in Alma 32.

We also when to Crateús (that city that is 6 hrs from here) this week to do a few baptismal interviews and to stay with the elderes there for a day. Crateús is famous for being extremely hot and never raining. But the day we went it literally didnt stop raining, and it was the closest thing Ive felt to cold since Ive got to Brazil haha. The day was awesome. I was able to do a batpismal interview for Mateus, a 17 year old filled with tattoes. He was surprising to say the least. It was absolutely incredible to see how much he’s changed and the strong testemony he already has about Gods commandments. Also we slept in Crateús in the apartment there and, generally being so hot, it is the only apartment in our missin that has airconditioning!! It was a blessing for sure to be able to sleep without a fan and without sweating, even just for one night haha.

Also, Mohomad, son of Germane and grandson of Ana, came to church. Hes 14 and he came dressed in a suit!!!

So side note, last night a huge butterfly flew into our apartment and was flying around. but then i realized it was weird butterfly because its wings were moving so fast and his body was so big in relation to its wings, well after a solid 2 minutes he landed and I realized the butterfly was actually a coachroach hahahh. the biggest ive ever seen, which is saying a lot haha

well I think thats about it. Hope all is well at home!

Elder Lawrence


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