February 6, 2017 (week 69)

IMG_8177At Germane and Ana’s baptism!IMG_8174

This week was good!

Here are a few highlights:

So in a division with the Zone leaders of planalto we had a chance to teach Maria Clara and her mom. Maria Clara is 8 and she reminds me a lot of Heidi! So at the beginning we were talking about our purpose, our relationship with God etc. and I asked them what theyd ask of God if He was here in front of them, I dont remember what her mom said, but after a good minute or two of thinking, Maria Clara said ´´That my cat gets better!´´ We explained that she could ask this of God and explained that prayer is the way she could do that. We then asked her to pray to start the lesson, but she hid in her mom´s lap cause shes shy. The lesson went on and we explained the restoration, how God called profets anciently and explained how He called a profet again in our time. She was atentive during the whole lesson and actually understood everything, wayyyyy better than her mom and even answered almost all the questions! At the end we invited her mom to pray and she declined, but without waiting maria clara said ´´I want to pray!´´ I asked her if she knew how or if she wanted to learn and she said she wanted to learn, we taught her to pray and helped her pray and after she had prayed she said ´´tomorrow im going to pray all by myself!!´´ This lesson was definitely a day maker! Its rare for adults to have spirits as sweet as children´s.

But the best part of the week was sunday! When Germene and Ana were baptized!!!!! Its been a long time coming and its been absolutely amazing to see how far theyve come. Germene is hardly the same person… shes changed so much in her atitudes and behaviours.. now shes happy! And Ana.. I dont even know what to say.. shes a tropper!! After more than 70 years of chewing tabacco she was able to quit!! She walks to church every sunday, EXTREMELY slow, suported by her cane, rain or shine,she says it hurts her knees to walk but she knows its worth it! After she was baptized and while she was in the water she said this, well actually i need to explain something first, so here its allllllwwayyyss hot. not even at night or in the morning it cools down, and theres never a cold or chilly day, its literally the same thing every day. and so when she was in the water, after the baptism she said ´´now i know why the man said my sins will stay in the water, its nice and cold here! I think ill stay!´´ hahhahahahah how can an 8 year old lady be so funny?

well thats pretty much it for this week, hope you guys are all doing well!

Elder Lawrence




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