February 27, 2017 (week 72)


New companion!

This week was definitely a harder one.

Its been great to receive a new companion. Elder Vitor Luis is a great missionary and definintely helps me to work harder. We gave it all we had this week but with really little success. On Sundary literally all of our plans fell through and so we stopped and prayed asking guidance and made new plans. Then all of the new plans fell through. We were frusterated but there was still one hour left to be able to be on the street. We stopped and prayed again, in a sense venting to God, asking guidance and help. After the prayer we made new plans to know doors and talk to people on the street in a specific area. We started knocking doors with no success. But, on the last door we knocked, we found Isaque! Isaque is 60 and was literally prepared by the Lord. He had doubts about why there are so many churches today being that there is only one God. We told him that we had an answer to his question and we began to teach him about the restauration. He understood everything (which is super rare) and accept the invite to pray and ask God if it was true and then be baptized! Elder Vitor Luis had an extra Book of Mormon with him and so we were able to testify to the Book of Mormon and give him a copy. I know the Lord answers our prayers! Just as he did for two of His exhausted servants yesterday. Its amazing how He is attent to our needs our desires and our efforts. He loves and cares about us. God is great!

Elder Lawrence
(our ties our randomly matching, we didnt plan it okay. Also im going to cut my hair today if we can find a place open haha)


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