February 13, 2017 (week 70)


This week was pretty hard, and we didnt see much success, but there was some really good highlights!

So first of all there was an intire day of clouds, where we didnt see the sun, so that was definitely a miracle

The best part of the week was a comment that Lucas (who was baptized a few weeks ago made in the gospel principles class. I dont remember the exact words he used, but he said before his baptism he felt joy going to the beach but he realized that the joy left him soon after he would leave the beach. But he said after his baptism he’s now found a joy that doesnt go away! he called it a lasting joy. After a hard week it was amazing to see the change that the gospel has had in Lucas’s life (he even came to church in a shirt and tie!!) in these weeks. I know there’s people, like lucas, who are searching (whether they know it or not) for the truth but they are kept from it just because they dont know where to find it! This is our joy as missionaries, to find these people who are searching!

Also this is probably my last week with Elder Lima so next week its almost sure ill have a new companiom! Elder Lima has been an amazing companion but ive always liked change. Its exciting!!

well i dont have a picture to send this week so ill send a picture that Francilino e Josiane sent me for christmas. (they were baptized almost a year ago in my first area!!)

hope all is well at home!!

Elder Lawrence


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