January 30, 2017 (week 68)

Natal 2016 167

This week was good!!

Unfortuately Ana and Germene werent able to be baptized this sunday but we’re really hopefully that everything will go well for this coming sunday!! We made them a scripture reading chart and Germene reads to Ana every day!! There progressing a ton and are so close to making it! Ana, whos 85 said “in my old age I started changing.. and then I fell into your guys hands. I even stopped chewing tobacco which I never thought id be able to” although shes still struggling with tobacco a little bit. But now she goes days without! Its been unbelievable to see her change, who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks!?

This week, along with a training from the missionary department, we had a training from our mission president on “the power of becoming” it was incredible! Before I focused on the difference of doing and being. Its not that hard to do something but it is a lot harder to be someone. Doing the right things for the right reasons etc. But I realized I shouldnt focus on the difference between doing and being but rather doing and becoming. We all have the power to become something! we have incredible godly potential that we dont always realize. God cares a lot more about who we are becoming than who we are. We have an eternity to progress and so really it doesnt matter who we are today, what matters is who we’re becoming. That we’re taking steps in the right direction, even if theyre small. If everyday we can become a little bit better, one day we’ll arrive at perfection. But in the same line of thought, if every day im distancing myself just a little bit from perfection its scary to think about who I’ll become in 10, 20,30,300 years. This is exactly why God cares much more about who we’re becoming than who we are! I hope it made sense, at least it makes sense in my head haha

Well I dont have anything else, ill attatch a picture from the Christmas conference that I dont think i sent, if i already sent it, sorry!

Hope you guys are all good!

Elder Lawrence


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