January 9, 2016 (week 65)


This week was good! Although Im not sure I have much to say.

Yesterday it rained a ton in the morning, which is great because theres a huge drought here, but after we got to church the church almost flooded! Water filled the parking lot and the street basically became a river! Ill attatch a few pictures. I literally dont know how, but after church ended we went to see how much water there was and it was all gone!! So im not really too sure where the water went, but definitely a miracle.

So our investigators who are progressing the most are Ana, Germene, and Geice. So Ana is 85, and Germene is her daughter (they live together) im pretty sure Ive talked about them at least once so Ill just write about this week. Ana has a problem with chewing tobacco and has ever since she was 12! And so quitting is super hard for her. BUT she has a ton of faith and she knows she has to quit to obey God´s commandments and one day be saved. This week she had the faith to give us her tabacco (to throw away)! She said “I dont know how im going to get up tomorrow without it” but she was able to!! She stayed 3 days without it but unfortuantely fell and started again.. but we have faith she will be able to!

So Geice is 16 and its incredible how prepared she is! She is able to understand everything we teach so well, it just all makes sense to her. Unfortuantely no one came to church because of the rain.. but were excited for this week!

So this week we went to Crateús, which is a city that the church got there only 3 months ago, so its a place that missionaries have never been, well until 3 months ago. So we went there to do some baptizmal interviews because theres no one there to do them. But since its 6 hours to get there we went early in the morning and worked with the missionaries there for a day, which was a great experience, but this email is getting long so i wont go into detail. Although we took the bus to get home which left at 1030 so it ended up being a night pretty much without sleep since we get up at 630, but we battled.

Hope all is well at home!
Elder Lawrence


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