January 16, 2017 (week 66)

This week was good!

So we found out that our new mission President will be President Chamberlain, although I dont know anything else about him now, other than that hes american and theyll get here June 29.

So unfortunately we had to stop teaching Fransisca. Shes reading the Book of Mormon every day but she hasnt been able to quit smoking, despite everything we’ve tried. I really hope she will be able to quit in the future so she can get baptized.

But our other investigators are going good! Ana and Germene came to church and Ana (whos 85, ive already talked about her a few times) is super excited about her baptism this week! Shes chewed tabacco ever since she was 12, but she quit!! and its been 4 or 5 days already without it!

Lucas also came to church and is super excited for his baptism!! Hes 18 and actually was taught by the missionaries a long time ago. He was atheist, but has come to know the God lives, and loves him! He is full of questions and honestly seeks to find answers. It was incredible to see his soul rejoice as he learned about the plan of salvation, and his divine potential! Where he came from, why hes here, and where hes going. He said that his dad is convinced that theres something in the church (as in something that is done to us) that makes everyone such good people, always smiling and always happy. hahaha well maybe his vision is skewed, it shows how important a good example can be, and how much the gospel changes who you are! Although he doesnt want to come to church, which doesnt make sense.

Hope all is good at home!!

oh also we find out the my companion will probably be transferred next transfer, so i only have 5 more weeks with him, although nothing is ever sure haha

oh and on the 25th, their will be a worldwide missionary conference that will change some of the hours and stuff, honestly i have no idea what will happen, im hoping president will let us know tomorrow because he left us dying of curiosity haha

Elder Lawrence


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