December 26, 2016 (week 63)


So this week I actually have quite a bit to write about and a lot of pictures too! Ill try to send all the pictures but I dont know if it will work or not.

So we hard our missionary Christmas conference this week (which is why I have pictures) and so we spent the week preparing for that. It went super good and I think most of the missionaries liked it a lot!

We also had our Christmas Eve dinner which Elder Lima and I have been planning for a while haha I made salmon and he made risotto and I also made brownies and on top of that we were given 2 panetonnes! So our fridge is pretty stocked stil haha

I was also able to talk to my family this week on Christmas Day by way of skype!! Which was definitely a highlight.

The Lord helped us so much this week it’s incredible. We spent the whole week preparing and presenting the Christmas conference and we didnt get back to our area until friday. But the Lord watched over and protected our investigators! It was a miracle that 4 of them came to church with us, each one of them really searching to find an answer if the church is true or not. I love my Saviour and am forever grateful for his necesarry help in doing His work!

I think maybe the thing Ive learned most on my mission until now is the worth of souls. It is incredible as im coming to understand how much each soul is worth it brings so much joy when I can watch, and help, someone aproximate more to Christ. I think this is why missionaries are always so happy! Even though its not the easiest thing in the world.

I hope you guys all had great Christmas’s and were able to think about the real purpose behind the holiday that we all love.

Til next week!
Elder Lawrence


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