December 19, 2016 (week 62)


This week was good! But definitely a hard one.

Marcelo was baptized!!!! He is literally the man. I think I talked about him last week already. But he has been able to gain a testimony so fast. Literally the day we taught the word of wisdom he quit smoking and drinking coffee. Its been crazy to see how dedicated he is. Definitely someone who was looking for the truth and knew not where to find it. We’re extremely grateful that the Lord put him in our way.

In one of the divisions we did I was able to stay with Elder Pimentel, my old companion and grandpa on the mission! He was a huge help in the area and it was great to spend another day with him, reminiscing a little haha. Ill attatch a foto.

Also for the mission Christmas conference our presentation is going to be awesome! Its about the real idea of Christmas, So sumarized, we’ll act out a scene where were buying gifts and then there will be a fight in the middle and after everyone will leave the stage. We will then come back onto the stage, one by one, stating something we’ll do this christmas season, for example “this Christmas I will invite more people to come unto Christ” as we do this we will place a gift on the table. After everyone is done we will turn off the lights and light up the gifts with a flashlight and the shadow will be the nativity scene! I dont know if i explained it well, but ill attatch a picture of our practice.

Hope you guys are all enjoying the Christmas season!

Elder Lawrence


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