November 28, 2016 (week 59)

Cleriston and Ingrid's baptism

Cleriston and Ingrid’s baptism


This week was good!

So here in brasil everyone has motorcycles.. and so sometimes you see a ton of people on the same motorcycle. Until this week the most I’ve ever seen was 5. Well this week I saw 7. Yes 7 people on a normal sized motorcycle, dont ask me how it was done.

This week Cleriston and Ingrid were baptized!! This baptismal meeting was super special! The young women sung a musical number in the beginning. and saulo (who baptized them) sung at the end. It was absolutely perfect!! Cleriston is the man. Literally the man, in a little more than a week he was able to stop smoking, drinking coffee, and make all the nesesary changes to be baptized, I wish i could show you guys the joy it brought him! and us! Ingrid is 15 and weve been teaching her for a while now, her progress has been amazing too! Shes never been interested in religion but she was able to receive a strong answer that the church is true and hes grown amazingly in her faith!

So thats pretty much it for this week! Ill attach a foto of one of our districts and of the baptism! Also we had transfers! I was transferred!! Im going to be an assistent to the president, which basically just means a role a little different and ill be in a new area. Im nervous but definitely super excited!!

Hope all is well!!
Elder Lawrence


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