October 31, 2016 (week 55)

Bruno's baptism

Bruno’s baptism



Well now that i just wrote the date, i realized its halloween! Happy halloween! Halloween doesnt exist here haha. This week was good! I finally got a good keyboard, but I dont really have much to write this week.

Bruno was baptized!!! He is a friend of Hyago, a member, and its been crazy to see how fast Bruno was able to progress. Hyago helped us teach him and Hyago was able to perform the baptism for Bruno. Bruno is a cancer survivor who is full of faith. When he prays, its literally as if God is there and theyre speaking face to face. He will make a great missionary in two years!! His family was also able to go to the baptism and we are going to try to teach them this week. I hope they are all just like Bruno!

So I dont really have much else this week, oh ya, we did a division (well actually were always doing divisions but i stopped to update about them) and i stayed with Elder Hoyt. Hahahahah we were dying laughing the whole day. When you put two americans together, both tall and with blonde hair and blue eyes (yes im tall here and they think my hair is blonde haha) youd be surprised at the comments you get. i think my favorite was probably a 5 mintute conversation with a drunk man who couldnt stop telling us how pretty we were, he then proceeded to ask if we have a sister that he could trade for his sister hahah

also while we were teaching a family one of the kids started to try to show me his clash, turns out they have clash here too, and yes, the temptation was real haha

Well I dont have much else I can think of. Things are going well with Elder Corrêa and we’re seeing a lot of progress here!

Hope all is well at home. Happy halloween!
Elder Lawrence


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