October 17, 2016 (week 53)

This week was good! Well I actually have a decent amount of things to write about so we’ll see how long I last haha

So we were waiting for someone to answer the door and someone who was sitting on the sidewalk started to talk to us saying that our church is one of the richest (it’s common for people to think the church is rich) and after he says “they should give you guys a car, i’m tired of seeing you guys pass by here three times per day” hahhah i’m pretty sure he wasn’t joking, but we got a good laugh.

So in one of the divisions we made this week we were able to give a priesthood blessing to a dying man. He breaths through and tube in his throat and he gets feed through a tube to his stomach. He can’t talk or eat or breathe because his tongue is so swollen that it takes up his whole mouth, he actaully can’t even close his mouth. My small difficulties were put into perspective seeing this mans suffering. Elder Giglio gave the blessing of comfort and we were able to feel a physical presence of the Spirit, I hope the man was comforted. We left with a different persepctive and with a strong testemony of God’s love for each of his children.

Also in the division we were able to teach forgiveness to a young girl of 15 years. She opened up and told us her story. She was sexually abused as a girl by her dad and her mom said that she isn’t able to really see her as a daughter, among other things. We told her that we didn’t know her pain or suffering, but we testified of someone who did, our Savior. We told he that its not us who ask her to forgive, but Jesus Christ, who literally knows perfectly how hard it is because he’s already felt what she felt and is feeling. She loves this gospel and reads the book of mormon daily, but can’t be baptized because her mom wont allow it. She said “if its what i have to do i’ll wait till im 18” We told her not to lose hope, and taught of the power she can receive from prayer and fasting. I love my Savior and His all encompassing gospel.

I was able to do a baptisimal interview for a young man who is 23, married and with a goal to go to the temple next year with his wife who was baptized just last week. He said in the beginning he didn’t accept anything but he bore his new, but powerful testamony of the Book of Mormon and how it converted him. He, and I, know the Book of Mormon is true and works miralces in our lives!

Also this week was transfers! Elder Pimentel is being transferred! my new companion will be Elder Corrêa, the trainer of Elder Pimentel and my great grandpa on the mission!! haha he only falts 3 months on the mission and is kind of dead already haha but i’m excited!!

oh and i passed the one year mark this year!! i bought some açaí for elder pimentel and I but i actually didn’t remember it was the one year mark until we were already eating, but i said it was for my birthday on the mission haha

Hope all is well at home!! Sorry the letter got a little long

Elder Lawrence


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