November 7, 2016 (week 56)

Canindé - to visit the missionaries there and give a training

Canindé – to visit the missionaries there and give a training



Wall from Elder Lawrence's area

Wall from Elder Lawrence’s area

Lucas's baptism!

Lucas’s baptism!

This week was good! and i actually have quite a bit of pictures.

So in other news a lady of more the 70 years hit on me this week haha so that was more than uncomfortable. She asked me how old I was and when I answered she said “me too” with a wink so yeah we left running haha

Also in a division with Elder Baez (american) we went to teach one of his investigators and I didnt know if they were married or not so I took advantage of the fact that we both speak english and asked him in english, in front of the investigators. The only problem is that is came out in portuguese, not english haha

In better news, Lucas was baptized!! And felipe (his brother)was able to baptize him!! Felipe himself was baptized 7 or 8 months ago and its been hard for him because his parents are always speaking bad of the church so it should be able to help him a lot! Lucas is literally the calmest person youll ever meet and so teaching him was super easy! If all goes well Rebeca, their sister, will be baptized this week!

Well I cant really think of anything else, which is bad luck cause this key board is supppper good. But I hope all is well!! Oh and I dont know when the election is but could someone let me know who won after its over?

Elder Lawrence


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