November 21, 2016 (week 58)

Ruben's baptism

Ruben’s baptism




More divisions

More divisions

This week was good!

Rubens was baptized!! He was literally the perfect investigator. When we taught him the word of wisdom he got up to throw away his coffee but then he asked if he could give it to someone else, then, answering his own question, he said “wait, if its bad for me its bad for others too!” and threw it all away!!! We were actually uneasy because things were going too well with him, and usually when that happens theres something wrong, but with him, it just all went perfectly! the baptismal service was super awesome too! And a few investigators even stayed to watch!

Were still doing 3 divisions each week, I’ll attatch a foto of some of them.

Well not much else to add! Im doing good here! Oh and theres transfers next week, and theres a good chance ill be transfered, so we’ll see.

Hope you guys are doing well!

Elder Lawrence


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