November 14, 2016 (week 57)

Rebecca's baptism

Rebecca’s baptism

This week was good!

Bruno, who was baptized 3 weeks ago is reading the Book of Mormon and is in Jacob already! Which definitely left us happy

We did a division and I stayed with an american from idaho and when he apresents himself he talks about how idaho is famous for patatoes hahahhahah needless to say I was laughing all day.

Rebeca was baptized this week!! She is actually someone we were teaching a long time ago (when i was with elder pimentel) but we stopped teaching her because she stopped progressing but then out of nothing she started coming to church, starting reading the book of mormon and wanted to be baptized!! Im not sure what happened but im sure it was the Lord!

So this week were working with a few people towards baptism, one of which is rubins, and wow, he is the man! Im not sure in a year of being here ive ever seen someone so prepared and ready to here the gospel! We actually talked to him on the street almost 4 months ago (again with elder Pimentel) but we werent able to catch him in his house, well by random and when i wasnt in the area, elder corrêa talked to him and set up an appointment with him. He prayed and received an answer that the church is true even before he visited!!

So we were sitting on the street about to teach someone, waiting for him to resolve some things in house first and i started reflecting about what im doing, and how weird it is that it all feels normal. A culture completely different has become my reality, to be honest i cant really imagine what it was like to be home, doing normal things. The bells ringing of people driving in the streets selling gas, the roads made of rocks, the tiny alleyways, pastors screaming in churches that are on every corner, the same hot sun every day, busses with less personal space than a high school dance, the list goes on but its normal and i cant picture something different. I realized how weird i must look.. the only american that most of these people have ever seen “blonde” hair and blue eyes, “extremely tall” dressed with a shirt and tie, speaking portuguese with an accent that theyve never heard, then the man we were waiting for got back and we started teaching, but it was weird to reflect on things

well thats all i can think of, hope you guys are all doing well!

Elder Lawrence


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