September 26, 2016 (week 50)

This week was good! So from now on we are going to be doing 3 divisions almost every week, which basically means i wont be seeing my companion very much ahah, but this week I was able to do a division which two of the missionaries that arrived with me and another thats old on the mission. The divisions were awesome! In the division with elder Baez (my mtc companion) we were able to teach a recent convert that has 11 years, names Thamaires. It was a special lesson. she was sad and we were trying to cheer her up. After she started to cheer up we asked if she thinks she is able to do what the Lord asks of her. And we asked if she thinks she could move a mountain if the Lord commanded. She responded “no im super tired right now” but asked her if she thought it would be cool and she said “no thats a little boy thing” hahahah after a bit we found out shes not sure if God loves her, because she does so many things wrong. We were able to tesstify that God does love her, independent of what she does or has done. but that we do good things to show Jesus we love Him. The spirit was strong!

on a less spiritual note, if you read romans 14:2 in portuguese it says, in part, “and the other, who is weak, eats vegatables” if only i knew this scripture earlier hahah (although when you read the rest of the chapter it explains better)

hope all is well with you guys!

Elder Lawrence


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