September 19, 2016 (week 49)

Gabriel's baptism!

Gabriel’s baptism!


This week was good!

some highlights
someone this weeks asked if we have fun, we laughed and told him “this is our fun!” I dont think he understood how much fun we actually have being missionaries.

also this week someone told us that we worship coffins and lambs……. and wouldnt believe us when we said it wasnt true

an investigator offered us crackers and pop one day, we told her we were good she wouldnt have it, she then gave us 2 liters of cajuína (a pop made from the fruit caju, which is heavenly) and made us drink literally almost all of it. as we were leaving a little girl said “dont worry! you guys will get skinny more in the future!” it makes more sense in portuguese.. maybe google translator will do better than me “não se preocupe, vocês emagrecem mais para frente!”

Gabriel was baptized this week!!! his baptism was awesome! he will make a great missionary soon!! we’ve been teaching him and his friends for a while now and they all have been progressing together. It’s refreshing to see youth interested in things that matter. Its a pleasure to work with them!

oh also people keep asking me who im going to vote for “the man, or the woman” hahah

I hope all is well stateside!
Elder Lawrence


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