October 3, 2106 (week 51)

Harleis's baptism

Harleis’s baptism


This week was great!!! Conference was amazing, the zone progressed a ton, and Harleis (until now ive been writing his name Yarly haha but it sounds the same) was baptized!!

So first general conference. For those of you who dont know, general conference (sumarized) is where we get to listen to the living prophet and the 12 apostles. My favorite quote was “Serving Jesus is the best thing in the world, there isnt anything better!” (im awful at translating but more or less) Im excited to download all of the talks and listen to them with their actual voices, in english, but i forgot my memory card so ill have to wait till next week.

We had the baptism in between the two sessions of conference on sunday and it was awesome!! because all of the missionaries from the zone where there we had a few more baptisms than just Harleis’. A member from the ward sung a special musical number and Ryam, that was baptized a few weeks ago said an awesome prayer! I wish you guys couldve been there.

heres the link to all the talks, watch a few!!

Hope all is well,
Elder Lawrence


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