July 4, 2016 (week 38)

Baptism of Emanuelle and Caué

Baptism of Emanuelle and Caué

Wow…. well I just realized it’s Independence Day when I typed the date.. I think the whole world should celebrate Independence Day haha

This week was good! The beginning of the week was super hard but the weekend was amazing!

So I forgot to say last week, but I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time in Portuguese! I definitely didn’t understand much of anything for about the first half of the book because of the Portuguese but now it’s a lot better. I’m excited to read it again! The book is true!

This week Emanuelle and Caué were baptized! I’ll attatch a picture. They are awesome! Its been a pleasure to work with them and will be a pleasure to continue to do so!

We had a super spiritual lesson with a girl named Yasmin yesterday. She 16 and her whole family is catholic, but they don’t go to church. She said two weeks ago she asked herself why she was going to the catholic church, she said to herself that she wanted to be in a church because she knew it was true not because it was were her parents said she had to go. Shortly after this we talked to her on the street. Shes prayed about our message and she felt that its true! Shes been to church twice and she absolutely loves it. But her parents dont want her to go to “the mormons” at all. Her mom forbids it. Her mom said “you’ll go to the catholic church or you won’t go to church at all” she told her mom that she doesn’t want to be catholic… she wants to be mormon. I hope and pray that her parents will let her choose what she wants for herself! To be honest its kind of weird cause they don’t even go to church..

I hope all is well at home!

Elder Lawrence


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