July 25, 2016 (week 41)

Baptism of Alice!

Baptism of Alice!

This week was good!

Alice was baptized! It was an absolute pleasure to be able to teach her. She literally knew almost everything we taught and she already has a testemony super strong! Her boyfriend (now husband) had given her a Book of Mormon and she had already read more than half of it, prayed, and received a STRONG testemony of the Book. It is actually amazing to here her tell how she got an answer to her prayer. We always leave her house with the strongest spirit, thanks to her!

And.. ANDRÉ ACCEPTED TO BE BAPTIZED THIS NEXT SUNDAY!!!! if you guys dont remember hes the guy who read the book of mormon in a week and since then has been coming to church but didnt have a desiire to be baptized, we stopped teaching him a bit but then a few days ago I had the thought that i dont think hes every actually prayed asking God what his will is. He knows so much about the bible and doctrine that maybe he didnt feel the need to pray to see if he should be baptized, that he could figure it out on his own. well I could tell the question got him thinking and so, after church, we went back and shared our testemonies of the church and the book of mormon and he said he will be baptized! I should of wrote down what he said cause it was funny, but
I forget.. a member yesterday said (somewhat jokingly) “you’re already a member! you just fault the baptism!” hahah its so true

So transfers are this week, and………… I am being transferred!! So turns out Im going to be a zone leader.. yikes… but my new companion will be my grandpa! (the missionary who trained my trainer) how cool huh? I’m looking forward to learning a ton from him!

I hope all is well with you guys!
Elder Lawrence


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