August 8, 2016 (week 43)

This week was great!

André was baptized! I’m sad I couldn’t get to see it because I was transferred but I’m super happy that he was! He’s already read the whole Book of Mormon and I know his testimony will grow so much!

Also Elizebete was baptized! She was an investigator who was being taught in the area I’m in now. Her faith is an inspiration. She is so humble and is so willing to follow the will of God. Lessons with her are the best!

So long story short I had to explain to a lady in the street that we’re not astronauts hahahah.

So update on the language. I was feeling pretty good one day this week because José (hes 9) asked me this week where I’m from and so I told him to guess and he said “Brazil?!” But I was brought down to earth the next day when I taught some things to an investigator and after about a minute or two of me talking he turns to my companion and says “What did he say? I understood almost nothing” hahaha so ya. But Elder Pimentel is helping me a ton with the accent and little but little I’m losing the American accent, but unfortunately I’ll probably only be companions with him for 6 weeks.

Also in church a lady asked me to teach about families, but she wanted me to do it in English, (to make the point that when we share the gospel with people a lot of times we use words that aren’t familiar to them) but wow it was a failure, and actually pretty embarrassing. It just wasn’t working haha the words wouldn’t come out in English but oh well. I’ve only been here for 9 months so good luck for me when I finish my mission haha. I’m hoping it comes back fast, but I think it should, because I feel like I can write normal its just the speaking the doesn’t work too well.

Hope all is well at home!

Also for some reason its not letting me send pictures so I’ll try next week

Elder Lawrence


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