August 29, 2016 (week 46)

This week was pretty good.

We made a goal with Bianca, who was baptized last week to read the Book of Mormon in 3 months. She said that was more than enough time and that in 1.5 months she will have read it all!

Also yesterday at lunch we ate something other than rice and beans. DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

So I found a notebook of talks in our apartment that were all about depression and mental illness. So im definitely not depressed, or even sad, im super happy here, but i thought it would be good to study because they talk about changing your way of thinking and things you can do to to be more happy. So what stuck at to me the most was after one of the people had given a speach about overcoming depression someone from the crowd asked her “Don’t you ever have a bad day?” she responded “Sure I do, but I do my best to turn it into a good one” what a great mindset! Sometimes, when were having bad days we give up on the day and say “Today was bad, but tomorrow will be better” but how much better would it be if we thought “What do I need to do today to turn it into a good day?” So I’ve been doing that this week and its made a difference! In the Book of Mormon we learn that the purpose of our life is to find joy. I know the only way to find real joy is to follow the example of our Savior. The more closely were following Him the happier we’ll be.

I hope you guys had great weeks!

Elder Lawrence


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