August 22, 2016 (week 45)

Vitória and Bianca were baptized!!

Vitória and Bianca were baptized!!

This week was super good! Although it started off with a dog peeing on my shoes and my leg, but it happens right?

So Davison, who was baptized last week, is progressing a ton! Hes only 9 but the lessons with him are always spiritual. I told him I would give him a little present and when we got there he was super excited, I told him it was something to help him read the book of Mormon, so after we sat down I told him to get his Book of Mormon and he literally took off sprinting and came back with his Book of Mormon and his prayer chart that we made him. So I gave him a twistables colored pencil and sticky notes to put in the book,haha he was so excited, i wish icouldve taken a picture of his face. Theres nothing quite like the spirit of little kids!

So Vitória and Bianca were baptized!! The baptismal meeting was super spiritual, easy my favorite until now. The pre lude music was the star spangled banner ahhahahah I literally have no idea why but this young man in the ward started playing it and I definitely didnt complain. Once the meeting actually started he sang a song and played the piano and it was amazing.. he definitely has a gift, then the young women sung a song for vitoria and bianca, it was just all super special! Bianca literally already knew everything before we taught her, she was already mormon, just needed the baptism! It has been a pleasure to see vitoria progress over the past month. Shes the daughter of Elizebete that was baptized a few weeks ago and the brother of isaaque that was baptized a few months ago! the only the that faults still is the dad! In the start she just went to church with her mom to acompany her, but after a little bit she started to love it. Her mom said in the beginning she had to drag her to church but this sunday her mom had to drag her home because she didnt want to leave!

So my dad shared a story with me last week that I loved. I won’t share it right now, but I learned that so often we live below our potential! Sometimes we fail to recognize who we are and we end up acting as people who are far less then we actually are. We are friends, moms, dads, sons, daughters, students, workers, athletes, and much more, but above all we are children of God and being such we have divine potential! If we recognize who we actually are and who we can become our strengths and capacities will increase in such a way that we will be able to do things that before we didn’t think were possible!

love you guys! Elder Lawrence


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