August 15, 2016 (week 44)

Davison's baptism!

Davison’s baptism!

Elizabete's baptism!

Elizabete’s baptism!


This week was good! We did a few divisions with some of the missionaries in our zone which were great teaching, and learning oportunities! We went to the country to do one of the divisions! about 2 hours from the city. We definitely passed the a lot of country but the area actually was pretty much a little city.

Davison was baptized! He is the man. When we taught the word of wisdom with him he wasnt understanding great why he couldnt drink coffee, so I told him that he would be a missionary and he would have to explain to me why I can’t drink coffee. He got excited and said but first I need your bag. So he put the bag I walk with on his lap and explained to me the word of wisdom. It was a spirtual experience for the three of us! His cousin, who also served a mission baptized him.

We´re teaching a woman named Rosa. She has a lot of faith and is super sweet, she’s 60. She’s also had to pass through some pretty tough things. Recently her son was killed. We taught her the plan of salvation and showed her the way she can get back to him one day. She confessed that shes not able to forgive. She sees the man that killed her son almost every day, and the guy who ordered it too. How do you explain that even this we have to forgive when Ive never had to forgive anything close to the same? We bore our testimonies about forgiveness with all our hearts. We explained that the Savior knows and loves her, that he knows the feelings she’s having. I hope that she will be baptized, I know it will better her life. I felt her son rooting for us.

I know that Christ lives and loves us! If any of you have doubts about this pray to Him and feel his love!

I hope all is well!
Elder Lawrence


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