May 30, 2016 (week 33)

Hey everyone! So this week was pretty good. We felt like a ton of people were making a lot of progress and then on sunday no one came to church… Literally EVERYONE was spending the night with family living in other places. But next sunday will be better! Our area is realllllllllly small and so we pretty much know all of the streets already. I like it here, but the church is about 30 minutes from our area and so its hard to convince people to come to church because no one wants to walk in the heat.

I dont really have a whole lot to add this week…. although it is pretty frusterating sometimes because people never want to leave the church they are attending. This week I started asking people why they go to the church that they go to.. and until now not even one person said that they prayed and asked God. The usual answers are “I was raised in that church” “I feel good there” or “It doesnt matter what church I go to” Then when we ask them to pray they almost always dont want to. One person even said “it doesnt matter if I prayed, because even if your church was the only true church I still wouldnt go there” sometimes you cant help but laugh at some of the things people say. We are trying to talk to EVERYONE to find more people who are ready to hear and accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know this is His work and I know he wants His children to have an opportunity to accept His gospel. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has the authority of God to baptize people, one of the requirements to enter in the kingdom of God. I am so grateful to be here helping Christ in His work and I am definitely happy to be here!

Hope all is well with everyone!!

Elder Lawrence


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