May 2, 2016 (week 29)

Francilino & Josiane signing their marriage documents

Francilino & Josinane signing their marriage documents

Celebration & wedding cake!

Celebration & wedding cake!

Baptism of Francilino & Josiane

Baptism of Francilino & Josinane

This week was great! Francilino and Josinane were baptized!! There were some hiccups on the way but in the end it was perfect!

They got married on thursday and we were able to be the wittnesses for the marriage, it was awesome!

So we went to the church for their baptisimal interview. We showed up a little early and opened the church. Well right as we heard the alarm we realized we didnt have the password… So we ran (literally) to the nearest members house and about 20 mintutes later we were back at the church (just imagine two missionaries in shirts and ties sprinting in the street ahahah) and we turned off the alarm. A minute or two later someone from the security company came and after talking to him a little it was all good!

Well the next day was the day of the baptism. Long story short, someone emptied the baptismal font and so we show up about an hour before the baptism and realized theres no water… We start to fill it up using buckets and the two facets that are in the church, but after a while of this the church ran out of water… So someone went and bought 60L of water and we dumped it all it. Well after this there still wasnt enough water. I wasnt about to let the baptism fall through on the account of lack of water, so we ended up baptizing well kneeling. All and all it was a great day. And the next day in fast and testimony meeting Francilino bore his testimony!! It was so awesome!

So transfers are tomorrow…. and im being transferred!! Im going to be a district leader in a district with only sisters! Which is scary…. but most sisters in our mission have a lot of time on the mission and I know I will learn a lot from them! Even though I dont feel qualified to be a district leader Im excited to work my hardest and let the Lord help me!

Hope all is well!!

Elder Lawrence 🙂


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