June 20, 2016 (week 36)

Hey everyone!

This week was good!

So a lady said this week “dont bother I dont understand your voices” then my companion said “but im brazillian…” haha we just left it at that and said good afternoon

This week Rikael (an investigator that is 12) said that I looked like captain america, I couldnt help but laugh cause obviously theres no resemblense, but hey Im not complaining. Anyways a few days later we were teaching Jardel (hes 11) and after my companion asks him “you know what movie he was in? Captain america!” Jardel apparently thinks that I look exactly like him too, well the next day we stop by his house and its the birthday of his brother and so theres a ton of kids and he calls all the kids and starts telling this story of how im captain america hahah I couldnt stop laughing, the kids were little and they all believed it. I love Jardel, hes the man!

So this week we are focusing a lot on Jardel and André and Doroteia. Jardel (the same from the story) is the man. He literally prays that he can get baptized in almost every prayer. Its been a while that weve been teaching him and he should get baptized this sunday. He will be an awesome missionary one day! André and Doroteia… so theyre married and André actually stopped us in the street and asked for a Book of Mormon. Well we dont have a ton of Books of Mormon but we made an appointment with him and taught him. The lesson was good, but when we came back the next morning he said that he and his wife thanked us but decided that they dont want to talk to us anymore. So we left and later that afternoon I told my companion we need to go back, he agreed and so we did. We didnt know what to expect but they let us in and we all bore testimony of our message (we were with a member to) and the spirit was strong! But even so it didnt change there minds. Well a few days later, even though we dont have many Books of Mormon, I told my companion we should stop by and give him a Book of Mormon to read for a few days, because I know that book is a lot better missionary than either of us two. So we did… Will Sunday morning we are walking to church and guess who we see, ANDRÉ E DORATEIA!!! we were so so so so happy. They loved church, we are excited to work with him, and hopefully they are able to get baptized soon!

I hope all is well with you guys!

Elder Lawrence


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