April 25, 2016 (week 28)

IMG_7603 IMG_7602

Hey everyone!

So this week marks six months that Ive been here! Well actually last week but I forgot. It really feels like yesterday that I arrived in the MTC not even knowing how to say hello. Time flies!

So I think I already said this, but my companion is really trying to learn english and for some reason he loves the word knowledge. He says its the hardest word that he can pronounce right. So sometimes he just randomly says knowledge and maybe its his tone of voice when he says it but I cant help but laugh a little.

We had a conference with half of the mission and so I was able to see all the americans that I arrived with. It was a little weird because now we can all speak portguese (more or less haha). Ill attatch 2 photos. One with my companion from the MTC, he has lost more than 40 pounds!! crazy huh?

So this week is going to be the marriage and baptism of Josiane is Francilino! Maybe.. So Francilino has a STRONG testimony. Hes read the book of mormon once KNOWS its true and is reading it again! He said that since we started teaching him and since hes learned about the truthfulness of this church theres been “nothing but blessings” in his life. Wow, probably my favorite moment thus far. The only thing is that Josiane is less excited and hasnt received an answer from God yet as to whether or not the church is true. Well, actually she has, she just hasnt realized it yet. Francilino marked a time for us to visit when shes not going to be there and we trained to mark another time but he said he wants to talk to us. Were super worried that hes going to say that Josiane wont be baptized with him.. I know she will recongize her answer and be baptized, I just dont know if it will be this week, but I really hope it is!

Thats all for this week! I hope everything is well stateside!
Elder Lawrence


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