March 7, 2016 (week 21)





Well I can’t really think of anything too special for this week. We had divisions with our zone leaders so I was with an American for a day, which to be honest, was pretty weird. Although we spoke a lot of English to each other, I think we both miss English a bit haha. So I had a day planned out super good for us, I had 9 or so appointments with investigators but all but one fell through, so that was definitely less than ideal. The next day, when I was back with my normal companion, two times I was accidnetly speaking English to him. hahaha I don’t even know how that happens but he wasn’t understanding anything I was saying and so I thought this is weird, then after a bit he says “I don’t speak english you know” And then it happened later again that day. But all is back to normal now! Luckily I didn’t start speaking English to an investigator on accident.

So the person I want to tell you guys about this week is Allan jr. It’s actually pretty sad. So we taught him one lesson and he was super excited and said that he wanted to be baptized and that he would come to church with us. So all good until now, but we stop by S’unday before church and his dad says he wont get him for us. So after church we stop by again and his dad goes off about how he respects our religion but has his own and doesn’t want us to come by anymore. Then he calls his son and asks him to tell us what he told him (his dad) last night. That he doesn’t want to go to church. Allan is 14 and is scared of his dad, and actually the mom is scared too because she said that she would bring Allan to church but then when the dad was yelling at Allan saying “Don’t tell people you’ll do something without asking us” and the mom was the one who said she would bring Allan to church but then she didn’t say anything.. so there’s not really anything we can do, but it’s sad.

So the one picture is my with our district leader, during a division, and the other of the ocean! I’ve pretty much given up hope of taking a good picture here hahah

Hope everything is well stateside
Elder Lawrence 🙂


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