March 28, 2016 (week 24)


Another week! Times seems to be flying by. So transfers are this week! My companion and I will stay in the same area together, which we kind of already knew. After 6 more weeks (next transfer) more than likely I will be transferred to another area, which should be excited and a good change! But we’ll see what happens, I love this area so either way I will be happy.
My companion cracks me up sometimes. So since I am his trainer on the mission he is my “son” and I’m his “father” I think I already explained this.. but anyways I made brownies last week (the semi-famous Sheri recipe) and after he says, “I don’t know whether to call you mom, or dad!” hahaha they don’t have brownies here, or at least not common like in the states, so it was new for him.

Well, I heard I new pronunciation of my name this week, “Elder Lanfrazee” I’m not quite sure what the thought process was, but at least until now, it wasnt gotten old watching people try to say my last name.

So we always eat lunch with members of the church here, but we don’t always have a lunch appointment because there isn’t a ton of members and they are busy, and so when we don’t it’s hard because we don’t really have money for a meal outside of breakfast and dinner. Anyways, this week we had a few days without lunch and so we prayed that we would be able to have lunch the next day and the next day an investigator offered to have us over for lunch!! Which has never happened until now on my mission. And the lunch was soooo good. I know that God cares about us! Even in the small little things that don’t matter that much in the big picture.

If you haven’t tried coconut bread I would HIGHLY recommend it. They sell it here the week before easter (not sure if we do the same thing in the states or not) and I wanted to try it all week but I didnt want to spend money on it. Well on the last day that it was being sold a member bought us a loaf!!! I made french toast with it and let me just say, wow. Definitely a highlight of the week.

So we have planners that we always use (to keep track of where people live and when our appointments are) and so we use them for 6 weeks. Well after 6 weeks they are pretty destroyed, so missionaries make little covers for them. I’ll attatch a picture of mine after 6 weeks, brand new one, and the one with a cover that I’ll use for these next six weeks. I’m excited not to have to look at the one Im using now, it’s literally so ugly that it’s painful to look at.

We have an investigator that I love! Actually the same one that gave us lunch. His name is Caesar and he’s 33. His life has really turned around the past few years as he has put God first. He was shot 7 times.. he didnt say why but at this time in his life he wasn’t exactly making the greatest decisions. He came to a point one day where he decided to commit suicide. So he took his gun, shot a tree a couple of times to make sure it was working, put it in his mouth, and pulled the trigger. But nothing happened. So he took it out and shot the tree again and it worked like normal. Wow. There isn’t any other explanation other that he was saved by God. He is an inspiration and honestly one of the nicest guys I know. I really hope he will continue to progress! He already prayed and received an answer that what we are teaching is true. He’s the man!

Love you guys!
Elder Lawrence 🙂


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