March 21, 2016 (week 23)



Hey guys!

So this week was a little frusterating, but there was definitely some highlights. So I made my companion cookies for his birthday and even though they weren’t that great he seemed to love them, and we both ate more than enough to get sick haha.

So this week my companion just about died when he saw my Corinthians jersey (soccer team of São Paulo that literally everyone adores) he made he take a picture with him so he could show his friends that he found an American Corinthian hahah, I’ll attatch it!

Also are fridge has been dead for 2 weeks now…. which is definitely less than ideal. Its kind of our fault, kind of not, but I’m hoping that we will get it fixed soon! I never appreciated cold water so much.

So the language continues to be a struggle, but I’ve definitely seen a lot of improvement in the past month, which gives me a ton of hope! My companion gets frusterated with me sometimes when I forget or don’t know words. One time I forgot the word for coin and he got frusterated and said “how do you not know this word yet” and I probably shouldn’t have, but I know he’s been trying to learn English for a long time and he hasn’t gotten very far yet, but I said that you can try to learn English in 4 (although I’m realizing now its already been 5 😮 ) months and let me now if you know every word. He was pretty quiet after that, sometimes people forget that learning a new language isn’t the easiest thing in the world! For the most part people are super patient with it though.

So we are teaching Caesar, and he knows this church is true, but says that he can’t come to church cause every Sunday morning he goes with his grandpa (who is like 95) to this restaurant thats an hour away, and then after they visit friends of the granpa who are sick. And so anyways, during a prayer my companion says something like, “Help us to be able to go to church” and then mid prayer Caesar says “Make this miracle happen!” We couldn’t help but chuckle, but we are hoping we can get him to church soon!

The other picture I attatched is with Mateus, who is a member who was baptized 10 months ago and is going to serve a mission soon!! He is awesome and he comes teaching with us a lot.

Well nothing more this week, hope you guys are all well!

Elder Lawrence 🙂


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