March 14, 2016 (week 22)

So I just typed the date and realized that yesterday makes 5 months that I’ve been here…. wow it definitely feels like 5 weeks and not 5 months!

So I don’t think I have a ton to say this week. My companion reallywants to learn English and so he’s been asking me a ton of questions and so this week he asks how to say elas in english (I think it’s the same in spanish and so most of you probably know, its the plural way of saying she) so I responded “shes” Then I said shes a few more times… and realized that you cant make she plural in english.. yikes.

So we’re teaching a woman names Renata and her 10 year old daughter Victoria. So Renata lost her job and was going to lose her house and was super super worried about it (obviously) but was super interested in what we were teaching her. My companion promised her that if she went to church the next sunday that she would find a job, and THE NEXT DAY she found a job! BUT as part of her training she has to work Sundays for 3 months…. so we were super excited for her but at the same time sad because she said she can’t come to church for three months. Anyways, her daughter is honestly amazing. We were teaching about prayer and she said she prays, so I asked her if shes ever asked God for anything in a prayer, and she responds “No, because God has already given me everything, I only thank him” Like what!? you’re ten! But we taught her that it’s okay to ask for things, and that God wants to bless us! She is awesome.

So I want to tell you guys about another family, but I’ll just say a little and next week I’ll write more about them. So we gave them a Book of Mormon, and three days later, they had read more than 100 pages!! How cool is that!? I’m so excited to see their progress.

I hope everything is good with you guys! I miss you all! Until next week,

Elder Lawrence šŸ™‚


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