February 29, 2016 (week 20)

Elder Lawrence & Elder Almeida

Elder Lawrence & Elder Almeida


The shirt Seth says he is "saving for the day he returns home"

The shirt Seth says he is “saving for the day he returns home”

This week was awesome!

So one thing about the state I’m in (Ceará) is that they have a thickkkkk accent. My companion said that this is one of the reasons that people have a hard time understanding me all the time. It’s actually kind of funny because they don’t always understand him and he’s Brazillian. But the language is getting better! I can really feel the help of the Lord and I feel like I’ve learned more in these past two weeks training than I did in a month of being trained! Having to talk a lot more has really been a blessing for me, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

So the grocery store close to us had a sale on waffers…. which at first I thought was awesome because I can get 18 waffers for less than 15 cents, and they are sooo good. But after a week of the sale I kind of hope it’s over haha it cant be healthy for me.

So the person I’d like to tell you guys about this week is Regina. Her story is kind of long so I will leave most of it out. So she really loves the Bible and reads it all the time, but doing this has given her some concerns because of how her church, and others teach, especially about baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost. She is confused why churches don’t baptize the same why that Christ was baptized and why people don’t receive the Holy Ghost, or when they do it’s not in the way that Paul taught (by the laying on of hands). She was able to see a baptizism in the Church of Jesus Christ and she said after that she felt and knows now, that it is the correct way to baptize and that our church is the only church that baptizes the same way that Christ was. BUT she doesn’t want to get baptized because she doesn’t think there could be prophets other than the bible and so she can’t except the prophets of the book of mormon and modern prophets (yet!!). She is reading the Book of Mormon and she really likes it, but doesn’t see it as scripture, so we are trying to help her receive an answer from God, through prayer, that it really is the word of God! I hope in the next few days she will receive this answer.

So I remember to bring my adapter so I’ll attach a picture of my new companion, Elder Almeida!

I hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Lawrence 🙂



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