February 22, 2016 (week 19)

Hello everyone!

So this past week I got a new companion! I am “training” him, which means that he is brand new and I get to teach how to be a missionary! (which I am definitely still learning). It’s kind of strange, but while serving a mission when you train someone he is your son and so everyone has sort of a family with a father, grandpa, great grandpa etc. I don’t know why missionaries do this but I think its funny and I like it. Anyway, his name is Elder Almeida and he is from Paraná, Brasil which is in the south! He is excited to be here, misses his family I think, and is ready to work! He is definitely prepared and I think in no time he will be teaching better than I do! He probably already does haha because people don’t always understand me.

He talks alottttttttt. Which will be good for me, because it makes me talk more too, and so I will learn more Portuguese! Since I am training him, I have to lead the lessons. This can be pretty intereseting whenever I can’t understand someone. When I don’t understand enough to be sure of what someone said, I usually just guess or say whatever is on my mind, and it usually works out alright!

It’s actually pretty funny, because sometimes my companion doesn’t understand what people are saying either, because of the accent here. There’s been a few times where I understood and he didn’t. I thought “what is this!?” But usually its the other way around.

One bad thing about my filho (son) is that since he’s new he’s seen the new Star Wars. So he’s not allowed to talk about it hahah.

One day we were lost (well actually this is most days) and so I asked if this person knew where the street was. He responded no, but then proceeded to ask literally the whole world where it was. So next thing you know there’s like 30 people in this tiny street/alley all giving me directions and literally everyone is telling me the street is in a different place. This happens at least a few times a week hahaah I just say “ohhhhh thanks so much!” and start walking in any direction.

On the first day with my new companion while I was saying a prayer with him at the end of the day, it was sooo hard to form words. I can’t really describe it, but my mouth was just tired of forming words in portuguese. I wasn’t used to talking so much, and after the prayer I explained that my mouth was tired, and he started laughing and said “I could tell haha”

He’s also trying to learn English and so he asked me to start saying the last prayer of the day in English, so that he can practice listening to English. While yesterday was the first time…. and wow, I forgot how to pray in English. It was weird but I realized that I had started to think in Portuguese because when I would try to say I word it would be in my head as Portuguese. It’s kind of funny because my Portuguese still isn’t good but its weird to realize that I’m thinking differently now! Hopefully this will be good practice for speaking English haha.

Sorry no pictures with my new companion! I forgot my adaptor and so I can’t send any, I will next week!

I know I’m receiving the help of the Lord. My ability to understand Portuguese has literally been night and day from last week to this. Especially while teaching. I know that the Lord helps us with our trials and when he calls us to do something, he will prepare a way for us to do the thing to which we are called!

I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Elder Lawrence 🙂


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