January 25, 2016 (week 15)

Training for the American Missionaries

Training for the American Missionaries


Golf Real (coin) made because of the Olympics in Rio.

Golf Real (coin) made because of the Olympics in Rio.

Hello everyone!

The beginning of this week was a little rough for me because I’ve been sick, but I feel good now! I find that I usually don’t apreciate my health until I get sick, but I’m definitely grateful for it now!

So this week we had a training thing with most of the missionaries here. One of the Brazillians offered me popcorn and I told him I was good cause before he said he was hungry and I didn’t want to eat the food he bought for himself. Then right after he said I was good another Brazillian said (in a high society voice) “He only eats high quality popcorn imported directly from America.” You kind of had to hear his voice but it was so funny. Brazillians definitely like to joke around.

We were on the bus and this song comes on (in English) and I don’t know the title but you guys all know it. One of the lines was “been around the world, dont speak the language” and I couldn’t help but laugh because thats how I feel a lot of the time here. But I’m definitely learning! I always look forward to the day when speaking isn’t a challenge.

Here it’s completely normal to share cups. One day this week we were talking with this woman in front of her house and my companion asked if we could have some water. She said yes, got us water (with only one cup) and after my companion drank she filled it up for me and said “Sorry I only brought one cup, I hope you don’t mind” and I said no worries its completely fine. Then, as I’m drinking, my companion says “It’s fine sister, we’re practically married!!” I almost spit the water out hahah, its funny cause its true. Im pretty sure we spend a lot more time together than most people that are married, cause were together 24/7!

Also this week I saw 5 people on a motorcyle…meant for 2 people… so there’s that haha.

The picture is from a part of the training that was just for Americans. It was nice to speak english, but a little hard, because we are so used to portuguese, even though a lot of us dont speak great yet. I miss English! The other picture is a real ($1 coin here) and it has golf stuff on it! (because of the Olympics in Rio in 2016. So I’m going to try to keep it as a keepsake!

Thats all for this week. I hope you guys are having fun doing whatever it is you’re doing. Enjoy the cold for me!

Elder Lawrence 🙂


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