February 8, 2016 (week 17)

Hey everyone! So we are at a different land house (place that has computers) and this keyboard is awwwwful, so this will probably be short!

Transfers are next week, which means more than likely I will have a new companion and possibly be in a new area!

I was talking to the bishop here after lunch, and he offered me more Coke, I told him thank you but I’m good (already had a glasss) and then he says that I need to drink plenty of liquids. I told him I am and that I have plenty of water with me. Then he says I need to trade my water for Coke because Coke has more nutrients hahah. Then after he told me that the hotter it is on my mission, the more pretty my future wife will be. I said thats awesome, I’m going to be blessed haha.

Well, this week I heard a new variation of my name, “elder orange”.  Although it was from a four year old so I couldn’t help but laugh. I don’t know why people here can’t say Lawrence!

This week we’re going to focus on finding people. We aren’t teaching a whole lot of people right now and so we’re going to meet as many people as possible and hopefully find some people who are prepared to hear our message!

The person I want to tell you guys about this week is Mateus! He was baptized almost a year ago and is getting ready to serve a mission! It’s so awesome to see the change the gospel has had in his life and how excited he is to share his happiness with others! He’s fun and energetic and it’s always a good time when he comes to teach with us!

Well, I’m glad to be done typing haha.  You guys really have no idea how bad this keyboard is hahah.  The keys are literally taped with the letters written in sharpie and they don’t move. till next week!

Elder Lawrence 🙂


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