February 1, 2016 (week 16)

Hello everyone!

I’m literally always happy as I write these emails. I’m 99% sure that it’s because just before writing them I buy bananas. Today I got 12 for $0.50. I mean how can I not be in a great mood after that!

So this week I started craving cereal haha. I’m actually laughing as I type this because I never thought the day would come when I would crave cereal. They have cereal here, but only a few types (none of the same as the States) and it’s (relatively) expensive so we never buy it. Also the milk here isn’t good to drink, to be honest it tastes bad. But it is fine for recipes!

Earlier in the week a man told us we were going to go to prison for robbing people. I didn’t understand at the time because he used a different word for prison other than prisão, and so my companion had to explain it to me after. Basically he was saying that churches rob people of their money and that we’re going to go to prison because of this. Which is actually pretty funny and ironic because we don’t get paid to do missionary work, we pay to be here and “Mormons” don’t have a paid ministry like other churches, it’s all voluntary.

My companion knows where Fargo is!!! I died laughing when I found out because he doesn’t know much about the States and most States he doesn’t know their names, but he know Fargo, ND hahah. I guess theres a TV series that he watched based in Fargo.

So my mom asked about the people we are meeting/teaching here and so I thought it would be a good idea to write about one person every week! Someone we’re teaching, another missionary, a member of the church here, anyone! Sometimes I forget that you guys don’t know these people. So this week I want to tell you guys about Lucas! He’s about 16 or 17 years old and we’ve only taught him a few times because we can only teach once a week. To be honest, he is a little confused with religion, but he doesn’t really know it. He loves Jesus and reads the Bible a ton, but I think he is a little lost without Christ’s church. We are helping him to pray specifically to God to ask if what were teaching is true. I want so bad for him to be able to recognize his answer! I can just picture him being a missionary, he knows the Bible well and has a huge desire to follow Chirst.

Until next week!
Elder Lawrence 🙂


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